From Nanopool an ecological and virus-proof packaging

It is biodegradable, suitable for food and tested against the virus: this is the innovative packaging created by Nanopool GmbH, a German company based in Schwalbach. For its invention, the company received the “Best Green Alternative Innovation Europe 2020” award from Capital Finance International. Nanopool has won the acclaim of the prestigious financial magazine “for having made a revolutionary change in sustainable packaging”.

Nanopool is a family company that since 2002 is specialized in the development of nanotechnological preparations for surface protection. Since its foundation, it has received numerous awards for its commitment to the environment and innovation.

On this occasion it was awarded for having patented a natural water-repellent and oil-repellent coating, called NP Vetroliquido. This coating protects typically absorbent biodegradable materials, such as paper and cardboard. In addition to this, it fights mold and unpleasant odors.

Biodegradable and pathogen-protected packs

pack biodegradabili e antivirus

Many times layers of metal or plastic materials are added to the paper or cardboard – which are biodegradable in themselves – transforming them into composite products that are not easy to dispose of. NP Vetroliquido instead consists of a thin layer of silicon dioxide, a natural component of quartz and sand. This means that any paper or cardboard packaging treated with NP Vetroliquido can be recycled in the paper supply chain.

Furthermore, NP Vetroliquido is an extremely flexible technology. It can be applied on any type of cardboard, even recycled, for packaging of all shapes and sizes. A versatility that guarantees manufacturers maximum design freedom.

But that’s not all. The particular formulation of the coating is “open” to further innovations and can be enhanced with additional functions. If the main challenge facing packaging companies so far has been to protect paper from moisture, grease, odors and gases, today the most urgent problem is to avoid the transmission of pathogens (following the spread of Coronavirus).

In response to the health emergency, Nanopool is therefore also including antiviral protection in the formulation of NP Vetroliquido, on which numerous tests have been conducted in recent months. The results of the trials confirmed the effectiveness of the new formulation against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The protective agent can then be inserted into the matrix of NP preparations.

The introduction of NP Vetroliquido, which meets the most stringent requirements of sustainability and environmental protection, will allow the packaging industry to develop new eco-sustainable solutions, favoring a more rapid replacement of plastic materials and a wider recycling of paper and cardboard packs.

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