Each color has its message: the meaning of color in packaging

It is now an established fact that packaging influences the shopping experience. In our blog we have repeatedly talked about how a package is an important media capable of influencing the perception of the product, in the same way the color also influences the choices of consumers in an important way.

Studies focused precisely on the importance of color in packaging have shown how our brain immediately associates certain products with certain colors.

So let’s find out what messages we can launch using a specific color in the packaging.

The color in the packaging: green

Green is the color of balance, growth, safety and regeneration. Above all else, the message this color suggests is the concept of healthy and natural.

It is therefore no coincidence that green is used above all to communicate the genuineness and naturalness of products linked to the food world and the cosmetic and phytotherapeutic sector. And green is also used to promote eco-friendly household cleaners and products.


Red is energy, passion, strength. It is the color of luxury and charisma, but also of romance and Christmas and is therefore associated with events: whether it is Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, red is the ideal color.

This color in the packaging is used to attract the eye and when combined with other shades it gives dynamism and naturalness to the package. The darker tones, on the other hand, are a symbol of elegance and sobriety and are therefore in great demand for the packaging of prestigious wines.


Warm and pleasant, brown is the color of the earth and therefore widely used in the food sector but also for fitness products.

Color that characterizes above all coffee, chocolate and more generally organic food, when combined with dark colors it expresses particular value. When brown is associated with brighter colors, it helps to characterize the product more strongly.

The color of the packaging: orange

Adventure, optimism, energy and sociability: orange is undoubtedly the most enthusiastic color of all. This feature makes it particularly suitable for products linked in various ways to movement: from energy drinks, to sports brands, to airlines.

Depending on the nuance chosen, orange can, however, make the product perceive as inexpensive and therefore of poor quality; on the other hand, when combined with blue or black it increases the perceived value and transmits reliability.


If in some contexts blue is able to convey calm and serenity, in others it expresses formality, union and reliability.

Often used for luxury or high-profiled products, it can also be successfully associated with the promotion of structures that offer relaxation and well-being to their consumers. When used in light shades it is then able to convey creativity and talent.


Little used for the creation of packaging because perceived as dull and monotonous, gray is the color that best expresses the design.

With the right combinations, and if associated with bright colors, this sophisticated color can reserve great satisfaction for those looking for a refined and valuable package.

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