Beeopak: the film that takes care of food and the environment

Safeguarding the planet also involves small daily gestures, such as eliminating the use of plastic films to preserve food, plastic that then ends up in the waste once it has been used.

To limit the use of single-use plastic, a special biodegradable food preservation film was created and made with certified organic products: Beeopak. Quality, innovation and 100% made in Italy design for this product that allows you to eliminate the classic plastic film or tinfoil, thus eliminating packaging waste.

Beeopak: the fabric

Beeopak was conceived by two Piedmontese entrepreneurs, Clarien van de Coevering and Monica Fissore. Inspired by other similar products, the entrepreneurs are committed to insert elements of innovation, improvting in this way the quality of this beeswax wrap made in Italy.

The fabric used was born after months of research and experimentation, and thanks to the precious collaboration of a textile company in Turin. It is a cotton that boasts the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, the most important standard for the production of textile materials made with natural fibers from organic farming.

Particular attention was also paid to the formula of the mixture that allows this fabric to be transformed into a natural film, washable, moldable and adaptable to different surfaces. The organic beeswax that covers the cotton was sourced from small local beekeepers. The other component of the blend also comes from Turin: IGP certified round hazelnut oil.

The research, the care of the raw materials and the close link with the territory makes Beeopak a unique product in the world.

An anti-waste solution


Washable and reusable, Beeopak not only allows you to take care of nature, but also to save it. It also promotes local production, sustainable agriculture and reduces the use of plastic, foil and other disposable materials that are not always easily recyclable.

Beeopak therefore represents a step forward towards a green lifestyle and a more conscious consumption of available resources. A simple gesture that not only enhances Italian excellence, famous all over the world for quality and value, but is an expression of a sustainable approach that limits the environmental impact and protects workers.

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