Packaging gets to class: when business is done at school

Thanks to the collaboration among the school, Comunico Italiano and some companies operating in the graphic arts sector, in 2018 a paper converting laboratory was inaugurated at the Aldini Valeriani Institute in Bologna.

The new laboratory was born from the need to expand the training offer of industrial graphics and thus provide children with additional knowledge that can facilitate their entry into the world of work.

But the contribution that Comunico Italiano, in the person of its president Roberto Moreschini, wanted to give to technical training is not limited to the paper converting laboratory. For years, the Association has been providing growth tools to high schools and allows young people to access training internships, essential for their personal and professional growth.

The paper converting laboratory, in particular, has allowed the students to measure themselves with all the difficulties that a technician has to face in the company. And, beyond the technical skills, an attempt was made to transfer to the kids the ability to analyze and problem solving skills.

Together towards the development of transversal skills

When it comes to Industry 4.0, it’s not just creativity that makes the difference. It is important for kids to develop transversal skills, and paper converting requires precisely this type of skills, which are in great demand on the job market.

It is not unusual for the employees of a company to have very sectorial knowledges, who are therefore competent only for a limited part of the entire project. The purpose of the paper converting course was therefore to create a union among as many professional skills as possible: from the structural design of the package to the graphic completion, from the production of the blank to marketing.

The support of companies

If it has been possible to create a fairly wide continuity among various preparation areas, it is also thanks to the extraordinary availability shown by the partner companies of Comunico Italiano.

Special thanks are due to Claudio Giacomelli, owner of Synergic Solution and reseller of Esko solutions for packaging. By making available the technologies used by the most representative companies in the sector, Claudio demonstrated how cutting-edge tools play a decisive role in the leadership of companies.

However, it is clear that machines alone are not enough. It takes competent technicians to make them work well.

Companies invest significant resources in training every year. For local companies, knowing that there is a school capable of training trained technicians represents an important competitive advantage. And aware of the fact that the school almost never has the financial capacity to organize such specific courses and workshops, Synergic Solution, Esko Italia and B + B International have granted teachers and kids the equipment necessary for their training free of charge.

Industry needs skilled operators

The entire project started by Comunico Italiano and the paper converting laboratory, has therefore began in order to allow school to offer capable operators.

The district of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara has incredible design skills. Providing talented young people with the opportunity to learn about the dynamics of work and bring them closer to the tools used by industry is a precious opportunity for everyone.

And it is no coincidence that local students are enabled to grow. It is the sensitivity and farsightedness of our entrepreneurs that has determined the wealth and industriousness of our territory, and the desire to do things can only be transmitted to young people with a good example.

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