We invite you to the event on Visual Communication organized by Comunico Italiano

The event, organized by Comunico Italiano, will take place on Thursday 13 June at the Museum of Industrial Heritage in Bologna.

During the meeting dedicated to industry experts, we will talk about digital printing and visual communication.

The event will be divided into several phases:

17.00 registration of participants

5.15 pm presentation

Roberto Moreschini

president of Comunico italiano

5.30 pm KODAK S.p.A.

Process Free Kodak Sonora X Sheets


Andrea Mannoni

Kodak S.p.A. Sales Director, PSD Italy

The Kodak Nexpress digital printing platform


Alfredo D. Lorenzini

Kodak S.p.A. Marketing Manager,

Med Plus Sales Manager, EPS Italy

Industry 4.0: the advantages and methods of accessing finance


Ing. Fausto Ceolini

Management consultant and industry 4.0 expert

6.50 pm coffee break


Polyedra – Infinite Solutions: innovating to identify oneself and stand out


Christian Tarantino

Marketing Assistant

Bruno Carnevali

Area Manager Emilia Romagna and Trentino Alto Adige

End-of-line packaging: our proposal


Giuseppe Aldo Genoa

End of Line Packaging Manager, North Area

Equipment and products for the Visual Communication market


Walter Saini

PM Machines and Digital Inks.

Giorgio Volpi

Consumer Products Product Manager.

20.00 cocktail

Download the event program.

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